“This guitar is a time machine that runs on cheap draft beer ..” – Jeff Lane (lyric from Balladeer)

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Jeff’s Garage is a collection of Jeff’s “lockdown” livestreams from 2021 of “mostly original” songs heaped up with the “mostly true” stories behind them on select Wednesday nights, streamed on Facebook Live from Jeff’s own garage! Link to playlist

A real “song-teller”

“These songs also reveal an unpretentious sense of humor and a sharp eye for irony. Jeff writes about real life in an honest, straightforward manner. He writes about love, love lost, hope, sadness, mortality, nature, home, the road, simple thrills, picking by the campfire, cars, girls, family, dreams… he writes about those little ironies in life, and he writes from the point of view of one who has found that the grass is just as green on this side.”

Scotty Melton, Singer-Songwriter

“Kingsport, Tennessee’s Jeff Lane may rank as one of the best discoveries on the folk scene today. Far from an overnight success, Lane is a veteran… sort of. Far from living the average story of an emerging artist, Lane started his live performances at the age of 40……….” (click for full reviewJason A. Bermiller – eiKelowna

“It sure as hell ain’t the Taj Mahal but it’s better than the bridge ..” – Jeff Lane (lyric from Jones)

Listen to Jeff Lane release Songteller

“Even the horses are gettin’ restless .. I guess that I am too..” – Jeff Lane (lyric from Hundred Acres)

Listen to Jeff Lane & Hundred Acres release Music in Your Mouth

“Jeff has the emotions of a bluesman, the energy of a rocker with the heart on lyrics of a life lived fully! His music moves me as well as his stage persona. The lyrics are either just flat out entertaining or words of the soul. Doesn’t get any better than that in music.”

J.D. Williams, Bristol, TN