Jeff Lane is a “Song-teller”…

“Jeff Lane turns hillbilly dialect into high English literature. He sees metaphors in everyday things that are all too often take for granted. A wedding ring becomes a symbol of life’s unexpected turns: hope and happiness, dreams, despair, lessons learned, loss, and in the end, still hope. A steering wheel becomes a metaphor for the brevity of life; the role of chance and choices; and how swiftly tragedy can strike in the midst of a laugh. Jeff’s songs are deeply connected to nature and the mountains of his native East Tennessee – Scotty Melton, Singer-Songwriter

“Kingsport, Tennessee’s Jeff Lane may rank as one of the best discoveries on the folk scene today. Far from an overnight success, Lane is a veteran… sort of. Far from living the average story of an emerging artist, Lane started his live performances at the age of 40……….” (click for full reviewJason A. Bermiller – eiKelowna

Listen to Jeff’s newest release Songteller here!

Listen to Jeff Lane & Hundred Acres release Music in Your Mouth here!

“Jeff has the emotions of a bluesman, the energy of a rocker with the heart on lyrics of a life lived fully! His music moves me as well as his stage persona. The lyrics are either just flat out entertaining or words of the soul. Doesn’t get any better than that in music.” – J.D. Williams, Bristol, TN